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Don't Shingle Over Your Old Skylight - Get A Replacement Skylight Instead

So you've just purchased a new home and love it, but the skylight that's currently installed leaves something to be desired. As a matter of fact, it looks bad, it's cracked, and it leaks. Your initial temptation is simply to remove it and shingle over it. At least that will keep the water out of your home. But before you get up on the roof or call a roofer, consider a replacement skylight instead.

There are plenty of models of skylights that will fit the bill, depending of course on the design of your home. You'll need to select one that fits in the current area. You can get a replacement skylight in any number of shapes from domed to flat, to round, to a pyramid shape. You can even get one of the lean to shape skylights. But those are simply aesthetic decisions. Remember that there are skylights made to be installed on different roof types whether they be peaked or flat. Always check the box of manufacturers paperwork to be sure what you select is made for the type of roof you have.

Now you want to pick the material the replacement skylight is made from. Many people like the nice qualities of traditional glass. And while that may sound risky, especially in severe weather areas, remember that these can be coated with a film that will both filter the light and make it more durable. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes or hail, be sure to get the supportive film. Double glass panels are another way to increase the strength of your skylight and give the added benefit of improving the insulation quality. This in turn should lower your energy bill.

If getting a glass skylight makes you nervous, then look into the other materials available such as plastic or acrylic. Acrylic is probably the most common type of replacement skylight for several reasons. It is economical, can be purchased in several shades to filter whatever percentage of the light you want, and it resists ultraviolet light. Plastic skylights are a lot like glass windows only they are stronger. Again, plastic is a good choice in severe weather areas.

No matter what you choose, don't break out the shingles to cover up that old skylight just yet. A replacement skylight will give you all the benefits associated with a skylight such as better light, mood enhancing, vitamin production and more. And they will also add value to your home.


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